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OK folks, we're back after just a three-day break. The ASRA team has landed in Bathurst, and despite advance warnings of how cold it is we've still been surprised - it's brutally cold. My first task here was to buy some fingerless gloves and a very attractive hat:

Once suitably warmed we got settled into our luxury digs before heading out for some twilight mini-ramp action at the festival site. It's a 6' ramp, so more of a maxi-mini really, and it took its toll with Trav and Haggy taking some hard slams.

A blurry Trav heads for the coping, while Haggy, Blackwood, Pete and the Van of Love look on

Yes, it was cold up there. Bring your woolies. See you tomorrow. Rider check-in starts at midday at the Flannery Skillset Centre.

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Hey Bugs

How do i get the live video feed this weekend.



It'll be embedded right on the front page of ASRA.

I have GOT to get me one of those beanies. Give me the info.

See you on the weekend. Good luck to everyone racing. Get rad. Stay in one piece.

Bathurst BigW, $2.95

Thanks Bugs



After all the warnings about the cold weather, today's it's 10 degrees warmer and the bitterly cold wind has disappeared. Instead it's clear, sunny and autumnal. Nice.

Our site for rider check-in is in the brand-new and very impressive Skillset Flannery Centre, which is located just at the entrance to the track.

Many thanks to Skillset for lending us the space. Take note that the carpark entrance is at the the back of the building.

Rider check-in has begun. Cooper has been helping out all he is with his tricked out flexy Fibretec. You'd never guess he works at a skate shop.

Friday's schedule

  1. Luge, Classic and Inline Practice (3)
  2. Classic Luge Timed qualifying run
  3. Inline Timed qualifying run
  4. Street Luge Timed qualifying run
  5. Skateboard Practice (3)
  6. Open Skateboard Timed qualifying run

A quick note from Lea Robbo - she's just doing a radio interview with Gemma and Maga on the ABC. Here's Maga and Gemma about to go in:

The interview will go to air at 3.30pm tomorrow...on the ABC...but which ABC channel Lea?


Bugs said:

The interview will go to air at 3.30pm tomorrow...on the ABC...but which ABC channel Lea?

ASRA merchandise is overflowing AND IT ALL MUST GO!

See this man during check-in:

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