ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

OK, it isn't quite live yet, but the ASRA crew plus other volunteers have arrived, and we're busy setting up here at the Scout Camp. Tomorrow we'll be busy with last minute stuff, plus rider check-in which starts at midday.

It's wet, and the forecast is for the rain to continue until Thursday night. After that it should be mostly clear.

There's a lot of wildlife here - possums, deer, bush turkeys, lyrebirds and the most common of all - leeches. This place is seriously crawling with leeches - salt is supposedly the thing to ward them away.

A friendly leech outside our front door

See you all tomorrow at rider check-in.

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Jayden M and Dejan through to the Juniors final. Jayden winning every heat in the Juniors.

Kelly Carter and Quin F through to the Juniors final. And Kelly is like Jayden - 1st in every heat. But Kelly is doing it with the theme of the weekend - a dislocated shoulder

Jayden M has been ferried to the top, he's out of the ute, and straight to the start line for the Open semis.

Alex Tongue
Jayden Mitchell (J)
James Kelly
Duke Degen

Good luck to everyone, skate safe.
And go girls, you are all such a big inspiration to me!! So rad!!

Jayden M into the open final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Tongue 1
Jayden Mitchell (J) 2
James Kelly 3
Duke Degen 4

Watching Dalua push out in the semi - massive power mongo push. And he wins...

Douglas Silva 1
Anthony Graves 4
Patrick Switzer 2
Matt Kienzle 3

...a few drops of rain falling...just as we get to the consolation finals...

This is epic bugs. Great work on all the updates.

Hell yeah bugs! im frothing so hard and im just sitting behind a computer screen

Consi Open final just pushed off...and now the Junior Final is on the start line...

James Kelly wins the open consi.

Juniors is over...and it's...Jayden Mitchell!!!! Kelly gets 2nd.

Jayden Mitchell (J) 1
Dejan Djukic (J) 3
Kelly Carter (J) 2
Quin Finocchio (J) 4

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