ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

OK, it isn't quite live yet, but the ASRA crew plus other volunteers have arrived, and we're busy setting up here at the Scout Camp. Tomorrow we'll be busy with last minute stuff, plus rider check-in which starts at midday.

It's wet, and the forecast is for the rain to continue until Thursday night. After that it should be mostly clear.

There's a lot of wildlife here - possums, deer, bush turkeys, lyrebirds and the most common of all - leeches. This place is seriously crawling with leeches - salt is supposedly the thing to ward them away.

A friendly leech outside our front door

See you all tomorrow at rider check-in.

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Tropical strength insect repelent with DEET helps keep the blighters at bay.

Good luck to everyone. Forecast is looking alot better for the next few days.

Rob and Maga McWhinnie have already started with the delicious dinners. Tonight we had the roadkill minestrone for entree. Rob is actually a professional chef when he's not smashing down hills.

Easiest way to get rid of leeches is just to let them do their thing, once they have had their fill they will drop off and go off on their own. Killing them and pulling them off can sometimes leave small bits of them in you which can cause pretty serious infection as it rots beneath your skin. 

The food looks boss!

If it starts at the scout camp, where is the parking guys?

Blue sky :)

? sorry

Start line is just below lookout turn off. Spectator parking is above startline.

Striker has the craziest black afro...


I take that back. Info has changed since. Parking info is shown here.

Fitz said:

Start line is just below lookout turn off. Spectator parking is above startline.

Hectic day at rider-check-in - many thanks to my faithful assistant Mikki who took over while I had a nanna nap. It hasn't actually rained today, but it's mostly been misty/foggy, and it's wet wet wet.

Tomorrow morning we get out on the hill and ride.

Is there  spectator parking above the start line as well,  ?

Yeah. Looks like we're allowed to park at the lookout coming in from the north end.
Shuttle bus must drop off at the start line.

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