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gabe maher has them u can ask him about them they seem pretty sick

i wouldn't pay $350 without trying them on first.

agreed if u want callum i can find gabes size and u can try his on !

Tom Dudeski said:

i wouldn't pay $350 without trying them on first.

If you look further through the add... you send them your measurements! wether you want a 1 piece or not or if you want a back hump or not; etc. and if you want the blue or red version!

sick dude, get them?

lol you got a body like the gimp in the picture? doubt they will fit you as well as they do him.

they're not made to measure, u get closest fit when u giv em ur measurements...

I would stay away from anything that has too many seams, gonna be patching that thing up every time you crash by the looks of it!

Callum Tobutt said:

Right, thanks @Skittles


@Matti rae   do you know how small there sizes go then?

email the guys with ur measurements and just ask if theyre sizes go that small...

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