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Hey guys my jeans are to the point where fixing them isnt really an option anymore.

i was lookin at draggin jeans but wanted to draw from the experience of you lot.

any other options for tougher skate jeans?

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draggin jeans for sure, i've had mine for almost a year now and they're still in good shape. look on ebay, i got mine for about $110 new.
yeh,there pretty cool,theres another brand getting around that look rad also,.ive had mine for bout 4 years and there pretty trashed after saving my skin for that long.......great investment tho
so benbro, what was that other brand?
cant remember bro,but cam kite has them,..they seem to fit better to,.draggins are a bit baggy,some of the boys get the ladies draggins coz they fit more snug

Heres another brand of Kevlar Jeans. they also do leathers and other protection gear.

Matt is the owner of the business and is very helpful cool guy.

i like em a bit baggy cause you can wear the tsg kneepads underneath em, almost like wearing leathers. wearing skins under em also seems to help the carpet burn you can get sometimes.
I got some 'Urban Kreation' KV2 jeans through work. they go pretty good. Double down pads or something similar underneath are a pretty good option but.
thanks for all the info guys!

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