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anyone know whats going on with kebbek are they still making board? theyre website no longer exists

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Yeah no worries man, I'm in no rush to sell. $100's probably a bit much too.

^^^DRE^^^ said:
thats ol school caften, will get back to ya conor
the whoreboard is all sanded down and is getting a repaint. and all the dings and chips you fuckers made have been puttied up :P

any suggestions on colour?
pink with purple flowers
how about a black stain? ash did one on his old kebbek it looked sweet. pink and purple sounds good though haha
Evo came before caften. Same designer, I'm lead to believe.
kebbek boards are still for sale on daddies board shop...
yeah 2010 models available have been out for a while now
thought id start this again.. who has the caften at the moment? i would really really like to know???????????? get back to me

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