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Jay Adams has passed away from a heart attack on a surfing trip in Mexico.

If you are new to skateboarding look him up, if you are not then you know he makes us all look like kooks. He was one of the most influential skaters in the world, a Z-BOY and turned the idea of what skateboarding is on its head.

He was all style all the time. For myself he is one of the most inspirational skaters ever. He showed that tricks are one thing but style is another, and even the simplest of moves can look graceful and smooth. 

So I'm pulling out my trusty z-flex and going for a roll in memory of a legend. 

Thanks for the style Jay!

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A true legend  within the sport who's style and attitude inspired many of us who grew up in the 70's - we all wanted to be like him -  R.I.P  

Peace Jay Adams...

rip jayboy...thanks for the stoke...

glen e friedman's blog...

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