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was lookin at the abc news site..story on primordial black holes..this image is a nasa cgi thingy i it ..looks remarkably like a deck clad with early grippa griptape and  one of the truck bolt holes, a bright light giving the effect of stars... have i got it bad or wot..haha ?!

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is it foamcored?

A lot of these animations are designed to look awesome. They're not scientifically accurate, but who cares? It's all theoretical anyway.

Gnarvity is proportional to the steepness of the hill and the Bitchin' constant and inversely proportional to the square of the wheelbase.

Dave R said:

It's well known that Gnarvity warps timespace.


That picture doesn't seem right. I'm sure there should be at least some vortex around the event horizon, but if Nasa has decided to publish it....

does the area of Gnarly = πr²÷0?
If you try and work it out your calculator catches on fire.
and then punches you in the face with a burning fist for trying to divide by zero when you should be shredding. It's known as the PCTDS-effect. It's well documented.

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