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Interview with Baresi the 2011 Street Luge World Champion

I thought this one deserved it own thread, and some of the lugers might want to comment on it.


I have been working on this one for a while. It is in Portuguese and English.


It is a fascinating insight into another culture (Brazil and South American racing).

Teutonia is the raw essence of luge...speed


Interview with Baresi - the 2011 Street Luge World Champion

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Hop,talking about luges, WTF (happy to see a positive story)

I dabble in luge but 140kmh 2 inches from the ground. VERY SCARY SHIT

As a skater and a luger I have and , surly you must give full respect to those guys. Thats some mad shit happening there.

Some of the international riders must be thanking the value of their countries currancy as it looks like the Brazilians could be a real threat. Perhaps economic circumstances are stopping them being a world power in Streetluge.

Economic circumstances are stopping them from being a world power in everything except Football and G-string competitions. Some of the gnarliest sliding i have ever seen was a couple of poor kids from the slums ripping down a hill on shit balls k-mart decks, the shit they can do on their skateboards will make your mind implode.


Hop,talking about luges, WTF


Always expect the unexpected ;-)




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