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just a heads up that the Honey Badger is here!

(Don't ask me why the weblink says Samurai, not Honey Badger - some website admin glitch no doubt)

I know a lot of dudes were stoked on this and wanting to know when it would come out - especially groms because the board is smaller and more compact than a lot of other decks out there.

I had a Comet D2 that went under the bus and got the chop. It turned out so rad I decided to design a compact board with all that radness from factory, that would give you the same foot platform as a big deck and still keep a pretty respectable wheelbase (27"). Plus, at the time, people were moving to shorter wheelbases for more technical racing but nobody needs 6 inches of overhang on a big board. I made it symmetrical because this is a freeride-oriented deck and I've never seen the point of freeriding a directional board, especially if you're pulling shuvits out of slides.

The Honey Badger was the result of all this. Skateboard Express is an Aussie company that were keen to run with the design under the Psycho brand, so here it is.

Shred hard!

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Yeah! Designed and tested in the eastern subs

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