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Hey so I just got my Legal Studies task sheet for out latest assignment and its pretty much 'research any law you want and tell me about it. 
So i decided i might look into doing the laws surrounding skateboarding.


I was wondering if anyone had any

1) Sections of the law which are relevant? 
2) Actual cases of people being charged for skating 'offences' 

3) Run in's with the police and what happened 

4) Personal opinions about the laws surrounding skateboarding 


I have started searching through the forums and net, its just i wanted to get fresh news and keep in in the one place :) 


Thanks heaps! 

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rolling the 30 meters from where i parked my car to the skate shop today on the foot path, didnt have a helmet on and got stopped by two police officers who told me i was not allowed to ride on the foot path and i needed my helmet on and said it could cost me over $200! Didnt get fined and normally always ride lidded but i was fairly sure that neither of the things they spoke to me about were illegal. Didnt think it would be a good idea to argue the point tho.
^^ it depends if its a busy area or not... but yer they can only tell you to walk because its safer for the other pedestrians

now im dropping nuts for whenever we do your run again for if he sees us

if he does we are bailing

Jordan Fabris said:

Amen to that.

Jacob Manning said:

today a guy came up and told me and freinds that we shouldnt longboard down his street because he doesnt want to kill us


he should be charged for being retarded

Police catagorise a lot because it is the easiest way to asses a situation.  Skateboard = school dropout, criminal and general pest.  It's the way most police officers treat me anyway.  Was once stopped and asked for ID as there had been break ins and car thefts in the area... then asked if I was going to the skatepark (I was on a longboard).  On the up side, they either did not know the laws surrounding the use of skateboards or didn't mind that I was bombing my local main road...

cheers guys
any more?
One time me and me mate were walkin past the coppers and he said fuk da police and one of them grabed him by the shirt and held him dey.let.him go though good times
Yeah Jack Nolan speaks alot of sense. If its your yr 12 independant study (which im guessing it is from that question) you'll want to pick a topic that will give you HEAPS of info and a huge range of different sources and views. Otherwise you just won't get the points, no matter how brilliantly written you're assignment is. I did my independant study last year and I did counter-terrorism laws. There's so much controversy on it that I had to deal with too much information, as opposed to too little. With a relatively obscure (yes i know skating isn't obscure, but the legislation on it is) topic like skating, you won't have the sources you need to quote the shit out of you're essay :P point being, go for something that you know will have a tonne of info on it. And a really long pdf with the entire legislation written out as well is always helpful :P oh and you'll get extra points for comparing the laws on your topic in Australia to other countries.
And yes, I pretty much just sounded like a collossal nerd. But I graduated top of legal, so take my advice!
Btw, was that really the assignment question? Lol sounds like the head of legal studies department isn't that bright :P Ours was so convoluted it was like 5 pages long. Thank god I'm finished school

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