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Hope this isn't too boring...ride to and from work each day, over a a city with semi major roads so mostly on the footpath. Have little kids so the crazy stuff is a few years away :)

I bought a 34" cruiser board from skateboard express about a year a go and it's been great, was cheap and riding each day is a highlight, a real joy. But I'd like to try a more interesting board but the boards available are vast (not buying from sbe again...ethics? And to support local stores and better brands etc) and I'm not entirely sure what would or wouldn't work.

I really like the boards that are like the loaded dervish (not sure of the right terminology to describe them). A longer board would be ideal (dervish is 42" yeah) which would just be the pure enjoyment factor of it...e.g. A board that looks great. The only real idea I'd have is that larger softer wheels work best for commuting to smooth the ride and stones etc plus a tail perhaps for traveling on/off sidewalks etc

The cost of the loaded dervish is a bit too much for the sort of use it'll get...and this isn't the last board I intend to buy.

Commuter board like loaded dervish- complete, setup, whatever etc that I could buy. Melbourne is very accessible so Hemley looks good.

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The arbor hybrid doesnt feel like a 38 inch board, Its got massive kicks and is extremely light and durable, its fine for taking aroudn town and on public transport doesnt feel very big at all.
and i dont know anyone that has ridden one that hasnt ended up wanting it.

ill post this video to support my case
if you want a commuter that can do this

Dude have a look at a Landyatchz ' Lil Ripper' reckon it would be a fun little board for kicking around town

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