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X Rated hemets at city beach looke great any good rateing ?

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They look hilarious!

I don't know if I'm looking at the right one or not. Could you link me?

The ones with bullets

a few slalom crew have them, immy has a hot pink metallic one and pretty sure fitz rides with one too. Send him a PM for more info i guess

I use X Rated for flat land and slow slalom and they seem to be OK  i know at least a dozen people that use them and havent had anyone say otherwise. 

Brad Sterritt has been rocking them for years for slalom and park riding. I have one as do a few of the crew up here. they work well and are comfortable. Wouldn't use it for hill work though

Ta all I thought as much I think they look cool thats all

i have a dusty old one sitting in the shed aha

I've never really heard it mentioned here by anyone about these helmets but I've never really been into them. It would be stating the bleeding obvious to say they are styled after a Nazi helmet. I'm sure they work fine and are comfortable but as a retailer Its not something I could sell in my shop, certainly not in the northern parts of Sydney anyway, people here get the connection. You put a Nazi Iron cross symbol on a skate helmet model the shape exactly like a German storm trooper, call it the Auctung line of helmets, sell it to kids and nobody has a problem with that.

I do get your point Robbo and I understand your stance but there are a lot of offensive products on the market thankfully we have free speech

True its a shame such a simple and functional desjgn holds such resentment

As a Jew I don't have a problem with them, except I have one that I've never used cos it's a bit small for me, so I'm happy to give it to the first person who's willing to pick it up from my house.

Price = $0, ie free. I live in Sydney. It's blue.

What size Bugs but I live in the gong

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