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Where are you ment to be grabbing? I was trying to learn it this afternoon and the only viable placement is between your legs? but then thats stink buggin' or should it be like a colemen/pendulum.



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Up in Brisbane any day of sunlight is time to skate. 

Robert Le said:
Exactly but i just went to the closest thing to a hill and a corner thats close.  WIll find some nicer corners and ill throw some of these slides out at SCBS. Its too hot to be skating anyways :)

Isaac Naumann said:
You need more speed to practice, and a corner that you can actually predrift into works best as well

Robert Le said:

Think i got it, just gottaput it to practical applications.

a few of you seem to be having trouble understanding the practicality of pre-drifting or speed checking..

as with all types of racing,motorbike,car and skateboard racing,the idea is to lose the nessecary speed before the corner and accelerate thru it with exit speed.

weather your footbraking or sliding,you brake on entry,grip,take the corner with full traction and accelerate out of it.

sliding thru or into the corner kills your exit speed and takes away your control to steer thru on a nice line.this is also known as scrubbing thru the corner......if you are scrubbing thru the corner you are doin it wrong,and you have blown your exit speed and your control thru the corner...and imo lookin like a bit of a kook.

a pendy is not a speed check,its a pendy.....better used to slide to a stop or lose ridiculous amounts of speed..

a speed check or predrift is used to lose just enough speed to be able to make the corner as fast as possible.. 

There is only so much you can focus on the tech side.

Having the best technique will not automatically make you slide like Jesus.

There is a certain level of 'feel' involved in it.

Everyone slides different, e.g James Kelly slides 'toeside stinkbug' and other people like Evren Ozan,slide one handed toeside.

Whatever works best for you, will work best for you.....

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