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hey guys anyone got a 35 base plate for randall r2s need to get some extra stability, getting heavily into my riding up here in newy with my mate B-rad. Hey Jacko you remember murrays beach on boxing day. been doing a hell of a lot of riding and proggesing well. Hope to get another ride in with you and the boys again soon.

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hey rob met ya that day at murrays,you were B-rad s mate that didnt crash[am i right] dont think it was boxin day but dude,just had a sic sess with B-rad at murrays s'arvo,where ya been dude,havent seen ya since but B-rads been tellin me ya been roolin a bit,ya gotta get ya self to every muzzas sesh with us dude,you can let go a bit,dodgin cars at 50k improves the skills but ya gotta get down here,ay least ya can hit some 70-80 for a few seconds n biuld the skills,speak soon Robbro,keep rippin!!!!
hey ben you remember the bad foot brake lines....been doing alot more rollin and muzza's i am longing to have more runs and get some real speed. whats the go on weekeknd will talk to b-rad about a mission. you be down?
Sup Rob,

It's Tim here mate, we spoke on the phone earlier before - I'm keen to give this a try looks pretty adrenalizing, i just need some info on a decent board, obviously i dont want abec 11's first up haha. hit me up when ya can cheers.

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