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Got some flatspotted, coned, and/or ovaled wheels? I can true them up for you.

The surface finish I am able to achieve is similar to that of slide prepped wheels.

I can also modify the profile of your wheels for you, If you want round, chamfered, or square edges on your wheels, I can do it.

If you have a worn set of wheels with now unsupported edges, I can square them up again, it just costs you a little bit of width.

Grooved wheels for rain? I can do it. I wont touch the new section of the wheel so you still have untouched thane for your contact patch.

Heck if you want me to cone your wheels for you, I can even do that too.

NOTE. the smaller the flatspot the less wheel I will have to take away to match it.

I am a trade qualified fitter and machinist and all work will be performed on a lathe.

I am not attempting to make copious amounts of cash from this but it would be nice if it helped me buy a set of wheels here and there, so price list is:

$5 for wheel truing. per set of 4.
$5 for wheel modifying. per set of 4.
$20 for wets.
plus enough to post them back to you.

Send your wheels to

Phil Bartlett
112 Lord Howe Drive
Ashtonfield 2323 NSW

include clear instructions of what work you want performed, to aid the speedy return of your wheels.

Payment: either include the cash inside your package, or paypal (

If you have any questions or concerns contact me via this thread/PM

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hey guys! my name is nath and we have started up a skate crew in Port stephens. we want to get as many people following us so you guys can really see how longboarding goes in the bay. like our page on facey!
sorry to do this on here phill i couldnt find the new thread for the wednesday skate.

Stop whoring your facebook page everywhere. It will just irritate everyone on ASRA.


Phil, need some freerides de-flatspotted. Will pm you.

dave you are amazing! fully gnared up leg, but can still flatspot wheels!

Yeah, it has to be said, I'm pretty awesome....


Nah, they're flatspotted from before. I'm just gradually getting all my gear sorted for the Big Comeback.

when are u back in service!.. i need some 'new' wheels

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