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High performance handmade composite skateboards.



Are you sick of mass produced skateboards? Are you sick of the manufacturers claims of stiffness and lightness and when you get the board it weighs a ton and has uninspired saggy flex and the dreaded torsional flex?


 So were we, That’s why we have created the 2012 FP High Performance Skateboards range. Boards designed for serious riders who demand quality. These are not toys. Built first and foremost to perform.


 Since the dawn of time skateboard and longboard builders everywhere have been striving to build light stiff and durable boards. Many have tried and many have failed. Some have succeeded but at the expense of cost or durability, for example carbon fibre foam core boards.


 Here at FP Skateboards we believe we have found the winning formula of materials that provides this combination. Our boards are constructed with a mixture of materials that are exclusive to FP Skateboards. So exotic and amazing are these materials that we have to keep them a secret, ssshhh!


 What makes lightweight boards so awesome? They carry less momentum. This means they require less effort from the rider to break out, drift and manoeuvre. Response from the board is increased, requiring less rider input. Slides become easy and controllable, giving you the confidence to hit every corner at 110%.




 Available at:  


And  at CRE8IVE SK8


or by contacting us at

Our website is under construction and will be up and running in the next few weeks.






The Royale.


The Royale is a full on DH racing topmount. The layup features twin carbon fibre stringers. These stringers combined with the other materials come together to create a board that is ultra stiff , extremely durable and very light. The Royale can be compared to carbon fibre foam core boards in terms of performance but comes without the hefty price tag. The ultra stiff racing flex provides stability and confidence at speed. Response from this board is instant and unrivalled. The generous tub concave is complimented with a mellow trapezoidal W that extends from the back trucks to just behind the front foot.




Length - 36.5”


Width - 10”


Wheelbase - 29.5”


Concave - 15mm tub concave with trapezoidal w


Flex - Ultra Stiff


Weight - 1500gms


 We highly recommend using truss head hardware, pan head hardware is also acceptable. Do not use Countersunk hardware as this will void warranty.


 $265 - free shipping




Evolved from the Royale comes the N.S.F. a symmetrical topmount freeride board. It features a shorter wheelbase but the same generous tub concave, with the trapezoidal W running the length of the foot platform, so its there whenever you need it. We’ve also dialled in a bit of flex for the N.S.F, but it’s still extremely firm and responsive. Large routed wheel wells ensure zero wheelbite.  Mind bogglingly light.




Length - 35”


Width - 10”


Wheelbase - 28”


Concave - 15mm tub concave with trapezoidal w


Flex - Super firm


Weight - 1300gms


 We highly recommend using truss head hardware, pan head hardware is also acceptable. Do not use Countersunk hardware as this will void warranty.

 $265 - free shipping





The Phat Drop.


Yes that’s right, it’s Phat! A symmetrical free ride oriented drop deck. It has a 1 inch drop with deep pockets and gas pedals at each end. Perfect to keep you locked in and to give you more control while doing big steezy slides. The Phat Drop also features twin carbon fibre stringers that provide a nice snappy flex to really bring the board to life. Did we mention it’s lighter than any drop board you have ever ridden?




Length - 39.5”


Width - 9.75”


Wheelbase – 32.5”


Concave - 15mm tub concave


Flex - Snappy freeride flex


Drop - 1”


Weight - 1300gms


 We highly recommend using truss head hardware, pan head hardware is also acceptable. Do not use Countersunk hardware as this will void warranty.


 $275 - free shipping



Its rated R for Rad! Our symmetrical double kicker hybrid has an 18.5” wheelbase and 18 degree kicks, which we think you’ll agree is just perfect. Very light and ultra stiff, this board can do it all.


Cruisin to the shops – check


Bustin some moves on the coping – check


Shreding up your local ditch – check


Need to ollie that small dog on the street – check


Steezy slides while freeriding - check




Length - 35”


Width - 9.5”


Wheelbase - 18.5”


Concave - 12mm


Flex – Ultra stiff


Kicks – 18 degrees


Weight – 1400gms


 We highly recommend using truss head hardware, pan head hardware is also acceptable. Do not use Countersunk hardware as this will void warranty.


 $250 - free shipping

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Hey Cents, all the foamy 2nds have been sold. This year I have stopped doing full custom boards due to the cost involved but


We may look at doing some customising of our boards when we kick off again next year mate. Probably $20-30 extra depending on what you want

Are you able to make a LDP deck? or was that a once off thing?

mate iam loving the look of that topmount. when i get the cash i will definately be keen to get one. been wanting a new board for a while now. and im pretty sure i have settled on this. hectic work man. Props.

any news on being back up and running? do want nsf

Yeah mate still a couple of months away, we are getting there just slowly, sorry to dissapoint...

I've got a few questions.

Firstly, do your costs include shipping and if not, how much would it cost me to get a board shipped to sydney.

Secondly, would it be possible to drill t!he mounting holes right at the cut outs on your compact topmount as i like to have a toe stop. How much would the wheelbase shorten and would it be possible to just slightly elongate the standing platform so that if you did drill the mounting holes right at the cut outs the wheelbase would notbe affected.

Sorry for the longwinded response!

hi steve, just curious as to how much a foamie with extra carbon for reinforcement would cost me ? i know shit all about board making, but from what i read you use a mix of carbon fibre, fibreglass, hoop pine. if you were to substitute some (or all) of the fibreglass with extra carbon fibre would that work or what? and also after quotes :) if it is easier to chat through pm or email just send me a message/ add me as a friend and we can talk then, cheers!

pm sent steve

Steve! mind if i send a couple of picks of a busted bustin for a quote to repair? if it can be repaired.?

Yeah no worries Koz. I'll have a look and let you know

G'day i am thinking of getting into long boarding and would like a deck made in Australia. I have found out even better your from Shellharbour, I am only in Fairy Meadow.  I do like the look of the top mount also the free ride, I am looking at a all round board, that is manly for downhill, but i would like to be able to use it to carve and on the cycleway. The trucks i have are caliber 50, Orangatang in heat wheels 75mm 80a, bones red bearings. the deck I was looking at is the comet voodoo d2. I do not know if can help me but all I can do is ask.

Kind regards,


I can't atm Neal, I don't have any boards in stock. About to start building again in the next couple weeks but the boards won't be available for a couple months. I don't think you would want to wait that long. Maybe try some of the other Aussie Builders - Glyde or Daddow. Sorry I can't help you out mate

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