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So now I've broken BOTH legs, it's time to take a hint and move onto something a bit less hectic. It's been rad skating with so many awesome crew, the bombsquad boys and too many other steezebuckets I've had the honour of shredding with. You know who you are. Too many to list.

Just wanted to say thanks for the skating, people and stay safe out there. I just took a slightly dodgy line last Thursday and traction suddenly just wasn't an option. Watch it here:

Another tib-fib fracture to add to the collection and some more titanium. I'm out before I end up paralysed or dead. My kids don't need to go to their dad's funeral just yet.

It doesn't have to be fast to do a lot of damage. The first fracture was probably only at 25-30. This one would have been around 40 by the time I went into that corner. It doesn't take much....

Stay steezy, stay safe.

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jeeeezus Dave.. all the best for the mending

Goddamn Dave, heal up, and never say never.
This is it Bugs. I'm too win-or-crash when I skate. I can't afford more major injuries. It tends to be all or nothing for me and so I'm choosing the nothing option here.

Good to skate with you mate. Probably still spectate so I'll catch you round.

Gutters are Killers!

Sorry to hear that mate, All the best for a quick recovery

Ah that sucks hard. It's been rad skating with you, Dave. Heal up quick.

sorry to hear dave,heal fast mate.

so much bad luck for such an innocent looking fade out,

so much i could arent a believer in learning from your mistakes?not sure where you went wrong?trying to grip on shit wheels?bad line on shit wheels?wow bro big call,..

good to share to keep people aware to the dangers,but i mean it aint rocket science bro,before you skate down any hill you should of made the desicion on how you were going to skate it,dont people realise the implications of getting it wrong yet?what if it ya faded out on the next left and went under a bus, grip=allow for it.....if ya wanna grip put grip wheels on.

sorry if i sound harsh,but you obviously want some feedback as you posted this,..just quite frustrating seeing this,ive skated that hill a few times,that cnr is textbook.

It's all good Benny. I've always respected your advice the most. I had considered all those factors, or thought I had. Just didn't work out on that run. I'm not trying to say skating's too dangerous. Just realised that I can't trust myself on a board like I thought so I just have to cut my losses. Too much at stake. That's the mistake I'm learning from. Thinking I had it dialled when I didn't.

Just wanted to say thanks to so many like yourself for the good times and the support and a reminder to never drop your guard. Just because you've hit a hill many times in the past doesn't mean it can't turn around and bite you hard. I thought I had that corner pegged. I didn't.

By the way, I was riding Grippins. I may have to take back everything I said about Grippins.....

They iced out so badly.

just a bit of a sad story mate,,really feel for you,hope to see you around,you were good for the scene,.i think the skater in you will overule in time,once injurys are heeled i can see a return of some sort,..i can see it as a big turn in the way you skate,.youll get ya roll on again,gettin stoked in watever form you choose,..

Looking to take up surfing. Be good to stay on some kind of board. Maybe that'll draw me back one day. Who knows. For now it's definitely game off.
You've gotta stay on a winning streak after Canberra mate. Keep charging!

When you get better, you might like to try slalom racing.

Surfing is also good.

Whatever you do, make sure you don't ever grow up!

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