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Brothers and Sisters,

A note from Aldo Dezani which needed to be shared.

Today, Friday 20th there will be an opportunity to see Chris in the church at manly from 1pm.

I advise you get there at 12:30 the coffin will be open for a short ten minutes from 1:00-1:10 after that it will remain closed from 1:10-2:00pm.

If you don't wish to see his body but pay your respects keep this in mind.

The address is number 4 West Promenade Manly, at Manly Village Uniting Church. You are able to leave photos, flowers cards or write a message on the coffin.

Sunday 22nd February 2013. Unfortunately, after speaking to council, we are unable to have an event at Shelly beach due to council restrictions so we have decided to have a 'wake' for Chris at the Steyne hotel in Manly. This is a short walk from ferry and public transport and will commence from 3pm.

All are invited, also anyone that is underage will be able to come in, accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Don't bring food, we will supply pizza and a few nibbles.

Afterwards we can always venture down to the beach but that is up to you guys. But for now the Steyne is the best option considering wet weather and drinking laws on the beach.

I look forward to seeing his friends, manly-ites, skaters, college buddies, work colleagues and housemates and all that knew him together in celebration of a beautiful life and mourning of the loss of a true friend.


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