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hey guys for my year 12 dt major work im designing a downhill skatepark that could be built on existing land. i need your opinion of what needs to be included in the design. would you like a indoor area if a park was built? or would just a nice road and bbq facilities be fine?

i also need to show there is a need for this so the more people that reply the better :)
thanks Nick.

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There is also a bike track I found on the way to Hi-side leathers today, near the griffith nathan campus, a near hairpin turn halfway down, probably hit it at 40km/h or so, maybe even faster if you hold a tuck the whole way.

There are awesome hills all the way through there, I think it is called tooheys forest reserve.
Thanks Tim, we really gotta skate there more often.
try and get hold of a decent map of the graveyard call track, tight, banked and fun at the top then you can switch shit up at the bottom how ever you want

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