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Hey was wondering if there was any decent ditch skating areas in the Melbourne area??



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Good one Oliver.

Check out the old Corio bowl while you are there. Good ditch training site.

To help you find stuff, download the csv file at

Load into a GPS and off you go. 

Ditches start with Sk8D, everything else is Sk80 through Sk85. ( the last number being the star rating of the park).

If you don't have a GPS, I have a TomTom Go300 for $60, pickup Newport.


Holy Crap! Haha. Cheers Bernie, thats friggen rad! Will definatly check Corio while i'm there! Looks insane! haha. As for the GPS, thanks a bunch. I'll talk to my mates, cause they're the drivers, and i think they have one, but you never know! Hha.

Seriously though, this is super sweet. Cheers dude.

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