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i'm looking for a a pair dh trucks what would u reccomend

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you could buy my munkaes for $250, blue, kickass condish, 42 degrees
michael i dont want to get precision i only have $100
Randalls, but best to put a setup of venom bushings in there. paris are ok as well
Randal 42s. I can sell you a new set for $70 + shipping. I can throw some Venom barrels in there too if you're keen.
yeah i was thinking about the randals but i also like the caliber 44 degree's
what deck u rockin cuz???
switchblade but want to buy an avenger i want the trucks for the avenger prefferabley

From my experiences the best cast trucks are calibers 44 and randal 42

but ive heard good things about sabres, except ive never ridden them

As long as you don't get original trucks, or seismics, you will be all g.
paris 195 are alright or randal 42*
caliburs are the rad for topmounts imo or randal 42s!!
caliber 44's

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