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OK, change of front page.

Just got some goodies from Dave Rogers at Rogers Bros and thought some pics may whet some appetites.

DH 40's
DH 36's
3 Piece DH's
and Mini's

Also have some handles for the learners out there (;-)>

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Ok, so the new 20th Anniversary Kebbek decks have arrived this means that we need to clear out ALL the current Kebbek decks. These have been reduced to $195 each including griptape and shipping, but you are going to have to be quick as they won't last at this price.

Any chance of getting some These 727 Formula Freeride wheels? Or RADs?

RADs are ordered and as soon as Sector 9 get them in we'll have them. Same with the These wheels, just gotta wait until the supplier manages to get some out of Powell

Awesome, thanks.

*******RAD WHEELS******** just arrived. Only 10 sets of each variety 72mm ($80) and 74mm ($90) in 78a and 80a get in quick. I should have them on the shop by the weekend, but if you want to reserve a set or 4 drop me an email

Ok, up and ready for sale. See them here

Cheers man! Package just arrived. Stoked! (Cheers for the Heelside photo book + Stickers)

Too bad I gotta wait till Saturday, it's my birthday present :(.

Anyway thanks man!

Zealous Bearings back in stock, see them at

Just arrived Magic Precision Bearing Spacers, These are amazing

It shows some creativity ....

Mate this is not the place to try to sell me your products. If you want to sell contact me directly through the shop email or by phone, not through my vendor page. Thank you

skatemag said:

If you are looking for creative skatingboards,check this one out:

Skateboard Photos[/url]

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