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In WA HELLA grommets (who are no where near ready) are skating the faster, more techincal runs. Someone is going to get dead. In response to this, we are taking an Adelaide approach and banning the skating of some hills.

I'm sure groms are doing stupid shit all over the country as well. Lets scare em' into submission - Post your gnarliest crash/ injury.


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Forgot to add,

I tell no one where that hill is and to my knowledge no one goes there anymore.

That's coz there's a better hill right round the corner Fitz!

But yeah u can tell kids not to go, and it's like a date. They will go. OR u can say you can go, only if u are being supervised by some of the more experienced riders. We make sure that no grins skate our local spots by doing exactly that, and make sure they work hard to prove to us they can handle it. Eventually we will take em there and make sure they ride safe, or If an accident occurs at least we know how to handle it.

Don't tell em not to go, tell em to wait until they are invited. At least then they have something to work for. Then when those kids go back to their mates and say "I got to skate with the big boys on the big boy hills" the other kids get stoked too and realised they can skate the hills too, but they just have to work up the skills and respect first
* Dare, not date. Stupid iphone

Riding at the Noosa Hill Climb, there was a man with a 4 year old kid on his way down the hill. We stopped and talked for a bit and he started to explain to the kid that we would be riding down the hill very fast. Kid was pumped!

I finished the walk up and rode down,... when I got to the bottom few corners, there was dad with his kid waiting to watch us ride by.

All of a sudden I noticed that the kid was in his own little world, running around on the corner (random as little kids are).

I pulled it up. Managed to avoid the kid and kept going (slowly).

I was relieved I saw it,... it was such an unexpected risk. I thought about it after,.. if I had hit the kid, he could have died.

I would find it hard to live my life after that.

Kids don't normally run around on the roads. HC is different than normal roads, but sometimes it could be something else.

An animal, a 4wd and trailer, an old lady and walking frame, a wet patch or a pothole from the rain 2 days before. You have to be aware that there can always be something you didn't expect.

Just telling this story to share a bit more awareness, that although we know the risks, and are prepared for injury if the worst happens, we sometimes forget about the unimaginable. We can't have the attitude of "he shouldn't have...." (pulled into my lane, stopped in front of me, backed out of his driveway like that, been playing cricket on the road) because we should be prepared for anything, and we are fragile. We are more fragile than cars, trees, rails. Most of the time its OK, but sometimes its not.

I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty about skating. Cars and trucks kill small children too. So do backyard swimming pools. Plus they kill a MUCH larger amount of people than we do, even if we looked at percentages. But its something that is there, and we don't think about too much.

Just know that the faster you go, the more it can hurt.... and it might not be just you.

Gauging your skill level by the speed you have been is wrong. Being in a competition with yourself trying to hit faster and faster speeds is eventually extremely dangerous. Not to mention it gets boring. You immediately write-off great hills, because they aren't fast enough for you any more.

Sure, going fast is awesome, but skating with friends anywhere is always just as good. 

Session a corner, practice standies, learn from one another and your separate styles. Watch the road and warn one another.

A good spot is a quiet spot, not necessarily the fastest one you can find.

Totally agree with Jacko, Fitz, Matty, in fact everyone who's posted advising caution to the younger crew, but I'd like to add one aspect to the "groms way of thinking", and that is older crew who are just getting into the sport.

Our bodies might be getting older and not wanting to do the things we want to do, but beleive me, your head and heart never grow old.....inside an older person is a 15, 16 or 17 year old just screaming to get out and play. New riders, regardless of age, all feel the same stoke that younger crew do, and in turn need to be guided by more experienced riders, also regardless of age of the person giving the solid advice.

Experience is the guiding factor, not necessarily age.


I must agree with all the older riders that we must show that we do things like were protective gear so we can keep skating we are all going to crash sooner or later.Plus as Sakamoto said not all groms are young kids .

In that vein, the worst experience I've ever had was having my broken leg re-fracture itself during a heelside speed check - I went down like a sack of spuds and the board flicked out, mounted a driveway and missed a little kid by a meter or so. The weight of a Nemesis could have done serious damage. I couldn't care less about my leg at the time, I almost threw up from worrying about the risk to the little kid. What if it had been my own?


The kind of speeds we're doing on boards, people (not just us) can get seriously messed up. I am so careful about where I ride now and who is around.


P.S. Jacko, we know you really meant "date"....secret's out, mate :P

matty leadfoot said:

I was relieved I saw it,... it was such an unexpected risk. I thought about it after,.. if I had hit the kid, he could have died.

I would find it hard to live my life after that.


constant fear of little children. the bit where they run any which way they want. almost always in front of you while skating. children are the scariest thing about skateboarding

....yeah well, that and cars/trucks doing 3 point turns in unexpected places. :)

I don't want to hurt anybody. Would prefer it to be me injured than some bystander tho.

"shit happens" is ok when we ride with one another. "shit happens" in not ok when somebody else (non skater) is hurt.

That is exactly why we need a designated place to ride or at least road closures.

Yeah I know Charlie.

Just look at yourselves as pioneers. Having to make do until those idiot politicians get it straight.

Don't worry. Cars, trucks and motorbikes kill more innocent people every day than is possible with a longboard.

It is impossible to be as dangerous as a car when you ride a skateboard.

I dont know what a pioneer is

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