ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

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Hmmm wich one sticking a stool up my arse or flying down a hill at 100km i think option 2
Could click-bait headlines kill trust?

Nope, no chance. Cool video though.

Couldn't replace long boarding, definitively not downhill or sliding, maybe a few free style long boarders

so many stool jokes, hee, snigger hee.....

Hooowwwdeeeee hhhhhooooo.........

No way this shit looks rad as, chucking a stool around and sitting down, WTT-All skate gear for a stool.

For a pisstake of street skating, you have to admire their dedication to the cause. They've spent a lot of time on that.


This won't replace longboarding but it is WAY more hardcore than street skating. STOOL OR DIE!!

that is some serious dedication to the art of sitting down

That was dericulus.

"im a professional stooler"


im good at sitting on seats............

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