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Could i slide on a z flex with the right wheels and trucks??

hey guys just wondering if i could slide on my z flex with the right wheels and trucks?

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Yeah, you can practically slide any board with the right trucks and wheels, but you will be able to slide them with the stock trucks and the normal z-smooth wheels.

The Z-smooths are suprisingly good sliding wheels, they cone pretty quickly though.


Might be an idea to give it a go, before posting.

You can slide on anything!


ok sweet ill go out now and try it


yeah dude I've slid mine from Burliegh hairpin, to gnar in germany...

Take it easy, have fun and alway's wear a helmet....

always man 


thanks heaps

yer u can i learnt all my slides on a zflex! from 180 slides speed checks and toeside predrifts! keep trying and it will get easier

im same as daniel :) i learnt how to do everything on my z flex, pendys and everything


butt the wheels (z smooth) get screwed really easily


also if you learn on a z flex. notice that it will be very different to a longer deck and will take more getting used to

u can even slide a z flex with no wheels and trucks

i started sliding on a zflex

easy as pie

you can slide on a z-flex with the wrong trucks and wheels... just have a go.

i tried sliding but the wheels are a bit too hard 

soo i dunno

any ideas??

hard wheels are easier to slide. i have an idea; keep trying until you do it, more skating, less internets

Luca Trovato said:

i tried sliding but the wheels are a bit too hard 

soo i dunno

any ideas??

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