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Might be in O'malley some time tomorrow if anyone is keen

Yeah see how work go's for the day prob drop past in the arvo 3 or 4

would be keen but have work. on another note I really want to get some rocking sweet footage of blacko so I'm proposing a blacko session instead of city session for those that are willing, josh is in and james said he might be able to come a little later. from around 5.30/6 till 7.30, as many cameras as we can get on the hill spotting corners all that good stuff.


let me know if you are in.

the boys and i are going to the coast till saturday so we wont be present, have fun lads

no worries have fun and see you soon.

I am keen for blaco have shut downs wired and cameras lets do it

To be honest I probably wont make it at all since I'd have to bus in. I don't think buses make it up top of blacko

I can give you a lift bro, don't pike out I really want to get this sorted.

James I can pick you up etc let me know where you are 0418 258 013

I need a new job

Any one know where I can practice pre drifts ? maybe with some shade too ?

O'malley. Not much shade but its got the sweet corners

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