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all the dirt on the canbrah skate scene!

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i would come but im stoned and its raining

Tell him to check the tuggers bus depo, that's where they keep lost property.
unless an action driver takes it for his kid [or himself] then it should be there, after a few months they donate stuff to charity, check it out.

Henry King said:

hey lad's rhys left his board on a bus, if you see anyone with it, feel free to kick em in the nuts.

keep yer eyes out for a fat bearded dude in an action uniform bombing a hill near you!


hey dudes, would the 44 degrees calibers be suitable for the 9two5? or would the 50 degrees be fine for downhill? i want to be able to downhill but still do some freeride

50s will be harder but if you dont ride the 44s you wont know that, and the 50s will be way sicker when you shred

I put trucks on my skateboard and go fast. I don't even know what angle they are.

because of the shitty weather what do you guys think about a city sesh in the car parks?

hey thats a great idea!

its a last resort, iv just been getting sick at skating in the wet

well im thinking friday night session tomorrow in omally (if its dry) or wherever and then this saturday?

The sites been up and running for a couple weeks and we've already got another FOUR events planned in the near future!! I'm really over all this rain but loving the idea of a car park sesh IF we can get a lot of people. So i propose a skater-vater.

Check it out on the EVENTS page 

If you have an idea for an event or better yet want to organise one email us:

It can be anything you want as long as its in some way skate related.

  • Downhill
  • Ditch
  • a push race
  • Someone do an early grab event! - that would be sick.


yes, i love CDDH

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