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symmetrical free ride board with w concave and gas pedals makes it awesome for sliding down a hill. Will lock you in and feel stable while breaking traction. Personally Im not a big fan of it for downhill; thats not to say it isn't a good board for downhilling. Bears and zombies and both awesome. Did you say you live at UC? I'm studying there this year! we should go for a skate! If you're looking for something to cruise around on this'll be perfect. low to the ground and easy to carve.

Simran Singh said:

what do you guys think about this setup

and any suggestions on alternative parts ??

yeah i do live at UC in globo in building 9 on the top floor... and we should definitely go for a skate sesh together !! add me on facebook at and i currently have a landyachtz wolfshark and i just found out that one of my friend has the 9two5 so depending on how much i like the board i might or might not be selling my wolfshark which also has bear grizzly 952s in it and nersh wheels with bones red bearings..

i know 90% of the people i skate with are busy today but if you are keen for a shred and want to get out let me know

im keen for a shred man!! if you wanna come to UC?? me and Simran will be around there at 3:30ish!!

if anyone wants to come out to UC me and Simran will be skating around by 3:30

location for this saturdays event has been added

Iv got to head out there soon! where are you guys meeting?

Gunther said:

if anyone wants to come out to UC me and Simran will be skating around by 3:30

we would be meeting outside mizzuna

when do peeps want to roll? I am not set for kiera so I gotta train.

friday? sunday?

keen for some downhill this arvo! I'm free from about 5:30 onwards. probably be hitting up three links in o'malley

I wanna do some tight riding so COME SKATE!

im in, where we meeting, three links? text me if you are defiantly going plans change with theses storms..

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