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OK cool i'm prob gona be there tomorrow morn and or arvo

hey guys so there is a snowies trip coming up this sunday, It would be sweet if we could start discussing it so everyone knows what is happening with it.

That sounds sick but weezer beckons me.
What's the plan anyways ?

Lay it down whats the go with the snowies ? is there a session tonight ?

Snowies - meet at 6 at Calwell shops, dunno how many spots i'v got or who else is planning on driving, if anyone is going to take a car let me know that means more skaters.

We'll stop in cooma for brekky, quick fang up the highway, mob some mountain passes all morning then go questing for hairpins to session, leave at about 6 or whenever we wanna go home

Is anyone keen for a skate tomorrow? Anywhere suits me
Yo wanna pick me up on your way past Lachlan?

Change of plans, Conder maccas at 6 for brekky,, the we dont have to stop, yeah ill come get you james, that leaves two spots in my car, one if dan needs a lift

Sick. I'll make sure I'm ready by 5:30 at the latest. Also browen, any chance of snaging that fullface before hand? I got a bit of time saturday if you're free?

Sorry that was Friday I had some time...

Sessing backside of mt ainslie tonight at 5, slide jam closed road

I've got nothing better to do, I'll probably come

Lachlan Cashman said:

Sessing backside of mt ainslie tonight at 5, slide jam closed road

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