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does anyone here ride caliber trucks? if so i was wondering if i get an opinion on them also so if i could have a ride to get a feel for the trucks because im interested in buying a pair

I dont think any of us ride calis man, heard good things about them though.

If you do get some make sure you swap out the bushings cause blood oranges are soooo bad

Tuure has calibers if he's still about.

Looking nice and sunny for tomorrows sesh! Its raining for the rest of the week so come along for a skate while you can!!!


i'm gonna come check it out, see you gnarly boys tomorrow!

CDDH fun in the Charnwood snake run!

Please get some "Long-boarding in a bowl" pics for the rest us!

here you go peeps, a taste of the esses before we could skate!

tomorrow is gonna be awesome!!

see you all soon!

that was a fucking rad day skating...

well done dan

The site has been updated with the winner of todays sesh! Check it out on the events page!

Also, if you have any photos of the event that you'd like to have published on the site please send them to:


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