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hey guys, i'm about 63kg, and i was wondering what type of bushings i should get? i ride a NS heist, i'm not sure about specifics, but it's really close to a dervish, i use it mostly for carving and cruising, but i'm trying to learn how to pump at the moment.

so my 2 questions are, what type of bushings would be best suited for me? i was thinking venom supercarves, but what duro?

2nd, how hard will it be to pump my board? it's set up with randal 180's and 70's flashbacks, should i get angled risers or something? i've heard they make pumping easier

Thanks for the help

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bushings are cheap, so get em all and try em all out. If you think they might work, give em a go, if they suck, try something else. then you might think the old ones were better so then you have something to compare them to. Bushing setups comes down to your style of your riding, some dudes like softer, looser bushings, others like rock-solid and tight bushings.
Theres only one way to find out what works best for you, and thats to try them all out. Luckily your not spending $80-$120 per set (if you were buying wheels) or $200-$400 per deck (if you were trying boards) so its pretty easy to cough up the $5-$15 per packet for bushings and give them a good go.
I would suggest either a set of Venom standards (you choose your duro they all work sick)
A set of the tracker 'cracked' stims
a set of khiro double barrels
a set of venom super carve

These are all great bushings so im sure you will eventually find something that works best for you

And pumping your board will be as easy as you want it to, you just gotta figure out how.
These are both very tricky questions becuase no one can really give you an answer, they can give you advice and point you in the right direction but the only way your properly gonna get your question answered is to go out and ride it all and figure it out, coz otherwise in about 3 days your gonna have this entire post filled with people either say "buy this coz i like it and i think its good" or "shut up you noob thats a silly question" or otherwise they will say the exact same thing i say, which is go try everything out and have fun at the same time...
okie doke, cheers guys, yeah, i have been out trying to learn how to pump, but no success..or very little so far, so i was just wondering if my board is on the harder end of things to learn on, as for bushings, i'm gna grab a few sets, but i think i've $50...that's it..which isn't so good if i need to buy a few sets of bushings to try out.

so, i just get 1 set of each, then see which i like the most right?

Sorry for reposting judge, i'm just not a fan of stuffing things up...which is quite a normal thing for me xD
Jacko's right, you just gotta try heaps of different bushings. Change bushings change the way the board skates. It is a lot of fun, might lose some skin if the bushings are too soft.
Everyone has there own style to get pumping. It has a lot to do with your action as it does the hardware. I just changed the wheels on my ceviche, off with 4pres and on with fat free. I immediately noticed how much easier it is to pump. The edges are a rounded, like skating with coned wheels, I was able to crunch the board easier into the road to get momentum. They are a smaller wheel, helps too.
With your action. Use your arms and body to help with momentum. Bend your knees, get some leg action in there.
With your bushings, soft bushings up front (78a to 82a). Harder bushings at the back (82a to 90a).
Some people like loose trucks, soft bushings front and back, surf style = daddo. Others like the power of a tight back truck and a loose front truck = Haggy.
A big board will always be hard to pump, you need to get some speed going before you pump. Takes practiced. Big flat long bike tracks are good for learning or netball courts. Skating downhill you aint going to learn. Skating flat and up hill you will.
Re bushings; like Jacko said - get a bunch and try em all.

Re pumping; a Dervish-length board with Randals isn't very easy to pump. It's not impossible, but it would be easier with a shorter board and/or a twitchier truck. The softer the bushings the better your chances are gonna be. It might help to wedge the front truck another 5 or 10 degrees. Pumping is one of those "knack" things - one day it'll just happen.

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