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hey guys

just letting you know i got a set of leathers here that are brand new i am selling for $200. 

they were supposed to be a custom set for James Stokes but i rejected them and made him a new set.

i rejected them because:

- the sizing was WAY off. (blame stokes mum for that haha)

- two panels were put in wrong.

- my logo was of very poor quality printing.

- the leather was only genuine leather NOT top grain, which i use for custom leathers.

these leathers come with removable back protection and knee armour. the stitching is nylon and double and triple stitched. 

you will have to be in the 169cm range for the height to fit you. other than that the size is rather large but can be taken in to make them fit if you want. i am in Western Sydney near Liverpool and you are welcome to come try them on.

other than that if you buy them and i have to post them to you i will let you know what postage will be

if you have any other questions feel free to ask me here.

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Im pree chunky not fat and 165cm would that be okay

These still for sale Daz?? Might have a mate keen..

nah sorry man. they just sold. but please do keep me in mind for other leathers.



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