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hey guys, im from the blue mountains and i dont really know many people who skate apart from me and my mate, i am just looking for some other enthusiatic riders to shred with. 

there doesnt seem to be a group for blue mountains boardriders and i was wandering how i could contact them or see when they are organising any sort of skate sesh.

if there is anyone or any groups who are from the blueys let me know because i need some people to skate with. please help!


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there are about 80 people riding at linden today at the pump station. (see Master of the Hill)

you should check it out, see Mountain Mick. he is the local elder of Skateboard racing. He will let you know who is about up their.

im at my mums every second week end at bell if you wanna skate 

yeah i was there taking photos it was mad day! yeah man fresh im only new to longboarding and trying to find a big hill too bomb coz pump just gets a little bit boring sometimes.

ive never been to pump wats it like

its pretty awesome, its a very short hill but it is locked off by a gate so no cars are on it. i sometimes get bored, just because it is so short. but worth checking out.

let me know if you go

james beton said:

ive never been to pump wats it like

yea id go but dont kno how to get to it from lindin station

if you are planning on going, just text me and i will meet you at linden and show you how to get there

Hey dude check out Way Out West group we get together whenever we can and head to pumpy every now and than.

Gnarrrrr. Lots of hella dank roads

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