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okay, i have been very guilty of gear whoring, and now i need ot get some moneys back for more important stuffs....
here is what i have to sell, some of this stuff is already up in the marketplace, but ill just put it all together anyway.
- sabre 190mm 45deg (new! bushings not even broken in) ---- 70 + shipping
- kooky 200mm speed trucks( good condish) ---- 300 + shipping
- rayne demonseed ( hit on both ends, but fixed up with epoxy) ---- 160 + shipping
- rayne avenger 09 w-cave( good condish, rails are a bit scratched...) ---- 170 + shipping
- paris 195 ( great condish, like one miniscule scratch on one hanger) ---- 80 + shipping
( i love these so a little harder to part...)

2 green 93a sabre bushings - 15
2 purple 88a sabre bushings - 15
2 orange 86a sabre bushings - 15

pm me for pics....

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dude, this is nooottthhhing
look up robbos quiver!!!
Nah dude, Three boards is pretty insane. ;)

Matthys said:
dude, this is nooottthhhing
look up robbos quiver!!!
interested in the demonseed and possibly paris trucks. could you pm a pic of the deck?
Attention all new members!
Look through the thread before posting a comment!
Make sure you have read and observed every bit of information.
There are pictures on the second and third page Steven, just have a look mate.
also the deck is already sold
what wheels you got left il uy
all is sold...

i'll take the paris 195


if you want i am selling a pair of paris only they are 150

lachie wells said:

i'll take the paris 195


soz i've got a pair of 180 and need something better for dh but thanks
yeah thats cool man



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