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Hey everyone, I am just wondering what the best shape/make e.g dropthrough, is the best for downhill. I am trying to avoid drop through seeing as though i have a dervish thanks.... also could i, if i tightened the bushing heaps, convert my dervish into a downhill withought having to buy a new deck?

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dude, you can ride pretty much anything down hill, but a stiffer deck with wider trucks will feel a lot better when you're smashing down a hill. i have a mate who runs a dervish with o'tangs and loose as hell trucks, he has no problems going down hill, it's technique as well as gear.
hey thanks nick , as i said on another post OLiver and I are coming on saturday this week

Nick Threapleton said:
first up theres no such thing as best, theres best for you but you can only really know what that is after riding a wide range of setups.

you can use the dervish for lighter DH but once you get into high speed cornering you get problems. If you did want to use your dervish for DH, first thing I would do is re-grip it with some proper grip-tape, invest in some harder bushings, maybe change baseplates. What trucks are you running?

Theres nothing wrong with having a drop-thru DH deck and also a dervish it doesn't change much, the ride will feel different anyway. My advice is before you go out buying something, come to a session with some of the other skaters around and ask to try out their boards and get a feel for what you like (topmount, dropped-topmount, drop-thru, double drop, flush mount)

from there it's easier to get a deck that suits you and like it.

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