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Ok, I am 3 days late, sorry. I thjought Grits was doing this and he thought I was. So, registration opens at 11pm tomorrow (Qld Time) 4th January. Do not try to register before then or we will send your cash back.

BtB10 will be held on the weekend of May 15th and 16th 2010 on Mt Stuart Townsville, it will be the same format as last year. It will be a FREERIDE NOT A RACE and anyone found racing will be removed from the hill and not allowed to run again. Those who attended BtB09 will tell you what a great weekend of riding it was and I bet they will be on the buzzer to register..

There will be a maximum of 60 riders and the first 60 people to pay the $100 registration fee will be in. There will be no extensions, last year we were still waiting for rego fees on the morning of the Slalom (Sunday)!

The Super Giant Slalom race will be held again in conjunction with the event and it will be a leg of the Conehead Cup, ASRA fees will apply to the slalom and are not included in the BtB registration fee.

OK, so what do you do now?

1. Deposit $100 into the BtB account: Westpac Aitkenvale
BSB Number 034 212
Account Number 349808
Name: Beat the Bastard
Make sure you include your name or phone number, or some way of us identifying you.

2. Send an e-mail to letting us know you have deposited your rego fee and how it is identified as you. Make sure you use an e-mail address we can contact you on as this is where your rego forms will be sent if you are successful in registering.

3. As soon as you get your registration forms, complete them and get them back to us asap.

4. Come to Townsville in May and have a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, we have given everyone enough time to find out about the opening of rego. Let the fun begin.



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We will be sending the rego forms out via email in the coming week.
ado, how many people have entered so far?
yeah how many peps are registered for it... and how much will it b after the deposit???
Let's keep all BtB talk in the event section, here:

That way it's all in one place, and there's always a link to it right on the front page.



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