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Im guessing everyone here has had some gnarly crashes, lets see the carnage..

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Hey Kristian...
That one on ya gut looks just like the one i got last time I was down your way last.... thru leathers...

kristian said:

mmmmm nice one... its just so convenient that all the bad crashes happen when we dont wear our suits...

just like rex, he had a suit yesterday he just wasnt wearing it when he crashed... then he put on the jacket only... then crashed again and sliced up his legs... stupid
No photos really worthy of putting up but In the past I have broken my elbow and given myself 3 concussions while bombing hills. Obviousley lots of scratches and grazes to. During my time shortboarding I knocked myself out a total of 7 times, have sprained both ankles and my right wrist. Good fun!! Sure to say I now have Ambulance cover.

Dani thats a vid of me trying to earlygrab a speed bump. you cant see the injuries ut this is a run down:

i had 3 massive grazes on my leg about 3x4cm, a 10cm long graze on my arm along with 2 smallers ones and a nice 4cm graze circle on my shoulder 5 layers deep. i have around 7 scars now and have a small rational fear of jumping speed buumps at speed. ha

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