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attention all you eastcoasters-would you come to WA for a skate trip?

here's what i'm thinking. sometime next year, not interfering with the OZ racing calender, it could be cool to do like a week long skate trip over our side of the country (west australia), cruising around a few of our fun spots. basically a week of freeriding, bombing, camping, maybe a comp or two, shenanigans and the oldest "skatepark" in the world (which is amazing to ride on a longboard...) depending on response, numbers etc would determine what we did for transport, accom etc. basically what i'm doing is putting feelers out at the moment, so let us know what y'all reckon, if you'd come, times that suits- whatever. so let the posts begin, tell me what you think...

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Great idea Craig! Stoked to see what happens with this
hey bro,.got some rad spots?could be keen!pm me if needed,be good to see a couple photos or somthin....sic
i'l try get some pics/footy up in the next few days. we have got some rad spots, not quite rivalling east coast size, but lots of fun nonetheless. my idea behind this, and its nothing concrete, is just to have a week crammed with as much skating as possible, whether its slopestylin, dh, ditches, whatever, mixed with just a rad week of chillin out. kinda like a smaller scale, more accessible/affordable NZ tour.

sounds sweet. would be madd

you build it and they will come bro...

i got back from W.A only a few weeks ago, the city is flat as fuck, but head about 30 mins out of the city and there are some sick spot. also scarborough (think thats how its spelt?) is an awesome run, peace hill is sick.. altho going there right before newtons really screwed things up for me, everyone had already bailed over to W.A or was getting there shit together so not many people were around to skate.

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