ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Dived into the ASRA vault today and found some of these suckers. When wearing this baby you are guaranteed by ASRA to skate faster, slide further, and get more podiums. ALL SIZES AVAILABLE





This piece of hot shit has been done in special CIA colours for authority to smash hills. ONLY AVAILABLE IN MEDIUM

Click on a T to buy a shirt. All proceeds go to ASRA

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Do you have any of the original white T's, large oval ASRA logo on back, small on front?


Also Hamish wants a red bucket hat.

Still digging bernie, I'll have a look

If ya find one (xl) please send a pm.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Mountain Mick said:
That second shirt looks familiar....gotta be a cheap ripoff from Bali.
True mick, should see the asra bathing ape and ed hardy hoodies robbo has been flogging at the local markets! Speaking of which I will definitely buy an asra hoody if they are available robbo

grabbed myself one :P


These would sell like wild fire on amazon.
Dude that is so aweosme, so much white trash going on <3

Robert Le said:
These would sell like wild fire on amazon.

Bernie, I bought one ages ago from hopkin. Im size medium. Bought a large and got a XL. Doesnt fit me and only wore it once to bed. Accept my add and then inbox me your address. Ill send it free of charge if ya like? Id rather see someone repping asra than it gathering dust in the wardrobe.


Cheers Ash

bernie said:

If ya find one (xl) please send a pm.


Millsy from Oneliner here, Iam sending down some more ASRA merch tomoz. Same designs, more size's.

New ASRA Tee coming soon,and stickers..

yew!! nice work millsy
sick, will definately check the stuff out when im down to pick up my other gear from the shop on thursday!



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