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I found a site that seems to only stock a particular type of board called Vault , since they are pretty cheap i wanted to know if it would be worth while ?

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they are good for just cruising around

but if your really loooking to get into sliding downhill or freeriding there not too good

But too learn on , they would be ok ? because i eventually want to do sliding so would it be worth getting sector 9 ? or any other brands that are fairly cheap ?


i learnt to skate on a vault board, but then graduated onto landyachtz before i got into any real longboarding (sliding,downhill). The vault dropthrough 40 in my opinion is their closest board to a proper longboard

Are there any brands you would reccomend that are around the same price

Except for globe (which i will never get ever)


Pretty crap.
But so cheap compared to something like a daddow that its almost worth it for a beginner.
They're ok for a beginner. But its likely that you will want to upgrade pretty quickly if you decide to keep longboarding. I find that they feel pretty lifeless even with some upgrades (new truck, bushings ect.). You may be better off getting something a little more expensive that you can ride for a bit longer like a sector 9 or an early or something. I got an early as my first board and I still ride it.

would a layback be better choice perhaps

Dont get one, whatever you do. They once gave me $1000 worth of their gear. Horrible quality and impossible to learn on I would think. Start of with a good board, that's what I did and I learnt very quickly

thanks guys think i might go for the layback

If you know you want to get into speedboarding seriously, then you are best off saving up for a more expensive setup or buying one second hand. Vault boards are fine for entry level stuff and if you're after a pintail or cruiser then it should serve you well enough, but for downhill and freeriding you will be wanting to upgrade fairly soon, so just bite the bullet and do it now so you don't buy it all over again. Get a Fat Pigeon deck :D and second-hand trucks and wheels off ASRA (pre-broken-in wheels FTW if you're a novice!)


The vault gear I would recommend most is the fibreflex. It's a super-flexy fibreglass/ply carver and a heap of fun. I only have two boards - my Nemesis and that.

One other thing - you can shred a Vault pretty freakin hard if you know what you're doing:

Are Layback Longboards any good ?



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