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Anyone interested in a Hamilton Island Skate Comp??

Just puting it out there at the moment.


A few of us guys up this way have been tossing the idea around for about a year now,


It has a nice hill with 2 possibly 3 runs on it, an airport that guys from sydney can catch direct flights to, at cheap prices.


It is still just a pipe dream at the moment with things like accommodation to sourced and picking a date, transport etc, etc.


If we get enough response we will make a move to getting it up and going.


So let us know what you think guys,gals,skaters,lugers,Gbikers,and inliners

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i when up there with my speed board and got chased out and told i would be escorted off the island if they caught me riding i was going to do a night run but the people i was up there with weren't to keen and have there boat there so i kept my board packed away but there is a few nice hills one tree hill both ways would be rateable for sure. Get it going and crew will travel.
Put down footbreaks then.  Get some wheels, find a decent sized hill, pull slides.  Then, pad up, or leather up, and do them faster.

Dermott Pascoe said:
i can foot brake fine its just i need to work on my slides

Hi Guys,

Well it looks as though there is good interest in  an event, like I said it will be a logistical nightmare.

But seeing tourism is not real hot at the moment up this way and that this would bring a potential amount of $$$ to the Island, if pitched the right way I feel it could be a chance.

The good thing about this site is that it could be possible to have a slalom track on one hill and a downhill run going at the same time??

This of course will be determined on getting the nod for it from Island Management, and the locals that live on the island.

I will start asking the right people to see what type of feedback I get and will post the responses when I get them.

So Stay Tuned People!!


good stuff Shane and good luck.

seriously, if done properly it could be the biggest aussie event we have not including Newtons. that track i mapped out would bring riders from around the world, not to mention the interest from the aussie scene.

Hey Shane,

Anything you guys need, mich and i offer our knowledge and skills.


And here's a run for you. A bit more technical than leighs, but you know thats how i like them.

Plus it finishes right in front of marina tavern. Imagine all the people on the veranda cheering whilst over looking the finish line, with that beautiful blue water in the background. That's things dream are made of.

But to be honest it doesn't matter where it is or how long it is, if you get it going it will be great for the community on the island and for the skaters.



If you manage to contact the organisers of the triathlon they could be a great deal of help.



fuck yeah Ado! I completely forgot about that run. shits all over the one i posted.

Try and go straight to the top if you can Shane.

Hamilton Island is owned by 1 family. The Oatleys. Think Wild Oats wine and the Sydney Hobart race winning yatch.

The Patriarch, Bob has retired now and his son Sandy runs everything these days.

They own the island and everything on it.

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