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Hey crew its been a long time since our last AGM and its time we gave the current board a rest they have worked hard for the last couple of years and its been greatly appreciated. But i think its time we got some new members in with new ideas and get ASRA back to the top of the game, get some more races happening and look to the future. So i am calling on our current President to name a date, with the use of meeting platform (zoom or other) we can hold it any time the sooner the better though as we can have the new board in before the new year. 

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This time nominees need to be serious about helping.

And events need to be back on ASRA instead of forgotten in facebook.

Agreed. I admit im guilty of neglect. 

After chatting with you the other day Bernie i have rallied the troups and we hsve a really solid team ready to get serious in tackling the task of reviving Asra and our skateboard racing community. A few points we need is more local council engagment to get facilities in the future. Pump tracks for one we as a skateboard community we need more of. Address all our disciplines ie downhill slalom GS boarderx push and others. We have the best Boarderx set up to sell potential event to existing events and to build new events around. This is just the start of what we need a ARSA board to provide our community. Lets all work together collaborate and make ASRA great again. It will need lots of people to make this happen so lets all do our bit big or small. Look forward to work with you all. Cheers

Mate, you have to change the language


"what we need a ARSA board to provide our community."


"what we need a ARSA board to provide our ASRA community."

Yes we need to take ownership and be the change but it will be a team that will be needed and that is the difference now. We have a good number of people puttibg their hands up to help

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