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A few of you might know, I have been working on a Hopkin Skate Blog post interviewing Adam Yates.

It is done!!!

Adam Yates - a life offshore all year

This was a big interview in a few ways. I combined a lot of emails to make one post. It is long but worth it. I started three weeks ago and in the middle of the process I decided to redesign the blog. Which is why it has taken so long. Such a big interview would be hard to read on the old layout. You may have noticed the blog changing each day. There are a lot more changes to come, I have just started, still a work in progress.

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actually a really good read.
Yatesy, now i know stuff about you, your a guy to look up too.
good shit
Yatesy is the real deal. He always has been. We just never hear about it because he rocks the big stuff in Canada.
that was such a good read!! keep those interviews coming hop!
Awesome read hop, nice work.
great stuff Yates. your a legend dude and a BIG asset to this sport.
good work Hop on the blog. tis a great read.

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