ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Keep an eye out for the feature story on A Current Affair tomorrow night.

'Skateboard hooligans, morons with a death wish'

I did an interview today with ACA will be interesting to see how it goes on the cutting room floor. From the title I assume its gonna be a massacre.

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they even a some freeboarding clip in it

they failed to mention fullfaces, kneepads and leathers. I also like how we're said to be "taking over" the roads. They only interviewed one "brain trauma specialist" and didnt interview any sponsored professional skaters like Rob McWhinnie.

well that was one sided

ill eat my words,.i think that wasnt to bad,some good skating in there,k-rimes n leigh rippin on national tv...yew,


go onto the ACA site they photoshoped a car into the picture

I missed the skate story but it was sad to hear about that man's dog. Makes you wonder what they think when they try and come up with story ideas though...

You did well Robbo. Came across good.

The skating was rad too. 

I hardly ever watch these shows these days, too full of sensationalism, they push their own agenda too much, and want the viewer to be outraged at friggin everything.

(Then they try and sell us shit we don't want haha, they used your videos to sell Australia some dish-washing liquid. XP)

Good to see some downhill in prime time tv.

Im so confused, its like they decided to use every angle they could. Glad they used the interview with Antons dad it a positive light. And James, that dog story was heartbreaking.

Found the stream. Sure glad they did some solid fact checking...

link us James!


not sure if that's direct but you should just be able to click the story if not

aca feature vid on main page

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