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Hey Guys, so i need you help. At the moment i ride a Powel Peralta 'Whale Tail' shortboard. Its rad, and I already carve bowl, bomb hills, ride drains and ditches and pull slides on it. Its great, but I'm looking at getting a larger longbaord for more stability on hills etc. I've narrowed my choices down to these two.

-The new Z-Flex Longboard: It uses the Kingpin Truck system which i'm used to, and i like the shape. I can get it for flat $200.


-And the Original Apex 34: It uses their own Spring Systemed Truck which i've never used. I've heard mixed reviews about them. I really like the shape of this baord, in terms of its size, and identical shape either side, and with the spring systemed truck, i gather it means it can be ridden either direction, so landing switch isn't a problem. I like the versatility of this board. I can get it for $269 including postage.

Can anyone give me some advice from their own personal experiences or preferences? Cheers.

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Alright Lewis. Cheers for that. Haha. And i know what you mean about going fast-I already push my Whale Tail board to its absolute limit on hills! I really like the shape of the Apex 34 (original) deck. Its completely identical end to end, so riding switch isnt too much of a problem (for short distances of course, after you've broken the lean into kingpin trucks). And its a really nice size. Bigger boards just annoy me, I feel like I can't control them as much. I've been looking at different sites around, and i've established that I can get an Apex 34 Deck, Randall Reverse Kingpin Trucks with a 42 base plates, otang wheels for around 350 Including poastage. What do you rekon about that sort of idea?

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