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45* ronins vs bear grizzley precision. For free ride and downhill!

Tossing up between the two, help me out!

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Isn't the turniest Ronin only 40 degrees? I've ridden them, and due to the queen pin and total lack of slop they're turner than 50 degree trucks, especially for freeride.

You could get 45*s but the 40/40 184s are fine for me. 40/30 is killer DH. IMO, if you haven't tried Ronins, wait for the casts & see if you like them, 40/40 & a few wedges would be the way to go otherwise, when the casts come out the 42.5 BP will fit the billets aswell as the full range of venom tall bushings to suite Ronins wiil be coming at the same time.

Yeah i was thinking of going 40/40, but was worried about bite. I should be fine if i carve some deeper wells out. I've tried and really liked the trucks swell :). Thanks for your help dude!

No worries, have a read thru here,, it's the simplified Ronin thread from the fish. 

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