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I've heard some rumors about Keira & Newtons being moved up in 2014 to feb/mar. Any trueth to this? Trying to put some tbig things on the burner over in NZ for next year and don't wanna clash with the events goin' on across the ditch.

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I'm not aware of any plans for a date change for 2014. For Keira it's not too much of an issue, but for Newton's we have to work with the festival folks. There probably won't be a firm date for Newton's 2014 until after Newton's 2013 has happened.

Robbo may know more - perhaps contact him directly.

since there won`t be a 2014 newtons :`( 

Newtons will not be on in 2014 but Keira may be moved to the last weekend of march. What would be great would be an event in NZ, does not need to be a World Cup event just a WQS series event so we can coordinate some pull for the big riders to come over and give a great reason for an invasion of Aussies to head your way

January 2014:

Event #1

English spelling lessons.....

Sorry I couldn't help myself. I realise English may not be your first language. Just stirring you up. Ha!

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