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Yesterday I was trying some toeside standie checks, and I found it difficult to place my foot on the rail. I found that when I would do them I would put my foot way to far over, so far over half my foot would be hanging over and when I would place my foot along the rail I couldent kick out properly. I was thinking about kinda making gas pedels out of grip tape so I could feel where my foot is and kick out without having half my foot off the board. Has anyone done this? Is it good/helpful? Any comments are appreciated!

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Work on your technique. Also your grammar and use of red fonts.

go faster, turn more and try to use the concave.

I don't really think it's that necessary to put a gaspedal on it. You'll be fine without one.

Just keep practicing and you'll eventually get them. But if you want a gaspedal then go ahead.

keep your feet on your board, thats why we put griptape on it. dont want to be monkey toeing when you start sliding faster

bro the avenger has W concave its there to push your toe into. just use that, put your toe into the w concave and it wont slip off its pretty big on the avenger.

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