ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts? Does the site make sense? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand?

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Ill let you know in while longer.
Bugs, this is a really good site.
Thanks for setting it up.
Congrats Bugs, this is a simple to use site. It's great. It's like a facebook for skaters. Now we just need more members.
looks good
Great ! think it will get more racing happening !!!!!!!!!
Bugs, thanks for spending the time and taking the effort to do this. It's great and such an improvement on the old one. Well done.
Looks good guys, thanks for all the work.
Looks sweet mate! Are you planning on adding a traditional forum to this site or keeping the facebook flavours?
Pricey, there is a forum on the site - it's here.

So if you want to add something to the site you can either write a blog, or start a discussion in the forum.
this place has got some potential. it has a pretty unique and welcoming look to it, so lets hope more people come across it.
Another usefull site on the interwebs. That makes two.Good job gents. Should make it easy to find out bout races.
hey bugs new site is real easy to use and easy to post pics nice one .thanks for putting my photo on front page cheers john the pom

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